Cite mMass in your Scientific Papers

If you are using mMass for your research please consider citing related papers in your work.

Download the Latest Version

Below you can download binary distributions or source code of the latest mMass's version for the platform you prefer. Please visit the version history page to see what's new. All the previous versions are still available for you as well.

DescriptionRelease DateSizeLink
Version 5.5.0
mMass for MS Windows Jul 1, 2013 19 MB Download
mMass for Mac OS X Jul 1, 2013 34 MB Download
mMass for Linux Jul 1, 2013   Website
mMass Source Files Jul 1, 2013 14 MB Download
mMass User's Guide PDF (Included in all bundles) Jul 1, 2013 8 MB Download

Download Databases

Below you can download recent mMass's databases of compounds to be available within the Compounds Search tool. Please follow the installation instructions attached to each archive.

DescriptionRelease DateSizeLink
LIPID MAPS Database Feb 29, 2016 280 kB Download
NORINE Peptides Database Feb 22, 2011 12 kB Download
Selection of Fungal Peptides Feb 22, 2011 4 kB Download

Download Example Data

Below you can download some example data. Please follow the instructions attached to each archive and/or particular document's notes.

DescriptionRelease DateSizeLink
General Examples May 2, 2012 3.3 MB Download
H/D Exchange Examples Mar 2, 2012 184 kB Download
Cyclic Peptides Fragmentation Examples Mar 6, 2012 40 kB Download


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